Invalid Rollups 1When doing a minimal org copy from Production to Sandbox in the Dynamics CRM Cloud rollup fields become “invalid” during the copy. These invalid rollup fields show up in the UI on a form with an amber-colored icon with an exclamation point (as pictured above). This bug has been reported to Microsoft and they have confirmed it is happening in their own sandbox organization test.

As of this writing (mid-October 2015) the Product Team is aware of the situation but there is no date yet for a resolution.

Further details that may help you deal with this situation if you are faced with it in your Sandbox org:

  • You can continue to make mods in the entities that have the invalid rollup fields. This entity can be included in a solution and deployed back to production without harming the original rollup fields. They will continue to be valid in production.
  • However, if you create new rollup fields in the same entities, the system will ignore the original system jobs for rollup recalcs and will create a new system job for the entity rollup fields recalc. In essence, the original entity recalc rollup job (that runs hourly) has also become invalid during the minimal org copy.

Invalid Rollups System Jobs


  • Until Microsoft comes up with a Fix to this bug, any rollup fields that get copied from one org to another using the minimal copy function will become invalid and can’t be used in the “To” organization.