On August 11, 2015, C5 Insight hosted a webcast on the benefits of upgrading from CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 Update Rollup 1.  Click here for other upcoming events.  This article provides links to resources related to upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to the spring 2015 release.

CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 Update Rollup 1

Microsoft has added a lot of functionality to CRM since version 2011.  If you’re on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (or earlier), Dynamics CRM 2013 or are on Dynamics CRM 2015 but have not yet applied Update Rollup 1, this article provides a useful list of resources to help you understand the new benefits for your users. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 has made significant improvements to Microsoft Excel integration, including the ability to quickly update records in spreadsheet format.  Click here to read the blog.  Click here to watch the video.

In the initial release of CRM 2015, Microsoft introduced the ability to visualize complex relationships between businesses, people, products or any other hierarchy.  Click here to view a 2 minute training video on this powerful capability.

C5 Insight is frequently asked if it makes more sense to deploy CRM in the cloud or on premise.  This YouTube video takes a 5 minute look at the pros and cons of each approach.

C5 Insight recently finished the above-referenced webcast on upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2015.  The webcast will be published to YouTube soon, check our YouTube Channel for the video.  If you prefer to just go through the slides, they are available on this SlideShare on Upgrading from CRM 2015.

CRM 2013 introduced the concept of Business Rules, which have been greatly expanded in CRM 2015 and again in the spring release (CRM 2015 Update Rollup 1).  Click here for a technical overview of when to use Business Rules versus Javascript in CRM.

When upgrading from CRM 2011 (particularly if you have it installed on premise), there are often issues associated with migrating data to CRM 2015.  Click here for a high level overview of the data migration options and the pros/cons for each.

With all the new capabilities in CRM 2015, many organizations find that they can now migrate more functions out of their ERP system into their CRM system.  Click here for an overview of the power of using CRM to handle quotes and order entry.

Setup a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial account – use this link to setup a “sandbox” where you can play with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Update Rollup 1 before committing to the upgrade.

Here is a blog series on upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 (it was published prior to the release of the UR1 / Spring Release of CRM 2015):

In the coming months, we will be hosting webinars on marketing in Dynamics CRM and other topics related to the latest release of Microsoft CRM.  Check out the upcoming events site to see what’s coming soon.

If you’re considering a first-time CRM deployment, or switching to a new CRM solution, you may want to check out this demo comparing the sales features of the top two customer relationship management solutions on the market today - Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

When considering an upgrade to any CRM solution, it is helpful to remember that 30% – 60% of CRM projects fail, and the cause of failure is almost never the technology itself.  Organizations that are struggling to get a return on their CRM investment are well advised to rethink their approach to CRM before considering an upgrade; while those who are already successfully following CRM practices may gain even more benefit by upgrading soon.  To learn more about best practices for CRM. Click here for the recorded webinar.  Click here to download the research findings.

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