Most of our clients use a web form to capture leads - and they like those leads to automatically create new lead records in CRM.  Changes to the SDK from CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.0 require slight changes in how this process is managed. 

This same process can be used to create a record in any CRM entity based on a web form.  Many businesses like to have a "service request" form on their website that creates a case (web to case) in CRM - with some small modifications, you can do that with this form as well. 

It is also a very simple example of using the CRM SDK - which can be used for integrating CRM with other applications.

To download the example, you will need to register on the Customer Connect website, and then download the document from our Library.  Our site is a bit old and will be updated in the next few months - my apologies if the navigation is a bit tricky.