We implemented some fairly simple automation for an outbound calling group.  They requested that, while making a phone call, they would like to have a field where they can enter the date of the next call and, when the current call was saved as completed, the call back would automatically be created for the specified date.

One of their requirements was that all of their current call description information should be copied to the new call - and a "NOTES FROM MM/DD/YY" should be inserted in the top of the description for the new call so they could start taking notes right there.

Unfortunately, over time, the list of notes became quite long - exceeding the 2000 characters allowed by the Description field for the Phone Call activity.  CRM doesn't simply truncate the field - rather, it suspeds the workflow with the"the text entered exceeds the maximum length" message.  So follow-up activities were not always being scheduled - and outbound callers were getting frustrated.

The fix?  Just change the length of the Description field for the Phone Call activity (or, if this is happening on another workflow for you, then change the length of the field that is causing the problem):

Settings | Customization | Customize Entities | Phone Call | Attributes | Description - edit change the length from 2000 to your desired length.  Publish your changes.

Remember to re-run your suspended workflows so that those dates will be created.

There are two problems that I ran into with this that I would like to fix - does anyone have some suggestions for the following?

(1) In theory, our phone activities could again exceed the new maximum length for the field.  Is there a way to test the text and truncate it to the maximum length for the field to be sure the workflows will not again become suspended?

(2) When we initially create the phone call activities, we put a lot of information into the Description field out of the Lead entity.  When we ran into this problem with the length of the description field, we tried to instead put the Lead items into the Notes section of the Phone Call - but it appears that CRM has a workflow bug that will not allow this to happen (the notes were, instead, being added back to the lead even though our workflow specified that they shoudl be parented by the activity).  Any thoughts on this?