SharePoint Conference 2009 Day 3

Today started with a very good session on Governance.  This session was not only applicable to SharePoint 2010, but also to MOSS 2007. 

A few good takeaways from this session were:

  • Users find workarounds to SharePoint, so it must be easy and your users must be trained
  • Start with the intended business outcome and let that drive your governance plan
  • The SharePoint culture needs to be evangelized ‘top-down’ in the organization
  • One size does not fit all - governance plans should be tailored and can contain multiple levels
  • “Publish once, link many” and “If you don’t own it, don’t publish it” – Sue Hanley
  • Using metadata is a cultural change and must be accompanied by relevant examples
  • You must show users why they need to tag items and use metadata (WIIFM)
  • Build the user adoption time into the project plan / schedule
  • SharePoint 2010 adds a new dimension to governance with tags, keywords, terms, and ratings

I also attended sessions on capacity planning, REST and LINQ, and the new RBS in SharePoint 2010.