I wanted to pass-along a special promotion that Bamboo Solutions has going on…

For a limited time, when you purchase the SharePoint Video Library from Bamboo Solutions, you'll receive a free FLIP Video UltraHD Camera valued at $260.00 (see details below).

There’s no catch, no tricks; just a simple, great offer. Purchase the SharePoint Video Library for $500, and Bamboo Solutions will ship you the Flip Video UltraHD so you can start filling your video library with fun and useful video content.

Bamboo SharePoint Video Library

We at C5 Insight have used this video library and it works really well, with inline streaming, etc.  The uses and applications for the SharePoint Video Library are truly endless (think training videos, video testimonials, video blogs, webinar archival/delivery, etc).  When it comes to sharing ideas and information, nothing is better than video...and when it comes to managing video in SharePoint, nothing is better than SharePoint Video Library.

Get It Now or Try it Free for 30 Days!
To take advantage of this limited time offer, or to learn more, visit the SharePoint Video Library page on the Bamboo Solutions online store.  Like all of the products from Bamboo, you can download and try SharePoint Video Library free for 30 days to make sure it’s right for you.

* At checkout, simply enter the Partner ID Code C5IN0109 to receive your free Flip Video UltraHD Camera.

Bamboo Partner ID Code