Yesterday I received notification that Scribe Insight version 7.0 has now gone to GA and I’ve had the good fortune to be one of the first to give it a try!!  I personally have been really excited for this release. I downloaded it and have not been able to stop talking about the new enhancements.

Quick Overview

 Scribe has really done a great job with the new features they have released with 7.0. They generally do a good job with their new releases, but I was surprised to see the number of new features they’ve added this time.  Some of the new features they included are: Ability to Disable Auto-Foreign Key assignment, Message processor Locking, Database Lookups to other systems, and my favorite Multi-Targeted Connections. Those are just a few additions in 7.0 but to find out all the new features available to you now you can read the full release overview at: Scribe Insight 7.0 Release Overview

I wanted to review a couple features you might not have heard about since the release that I am really excited for.

One Data Source, Multiple Targets

The first feature is the ability to have “Multi-Target” connectivity. This is a new feature that allows users to connect to multiple targets at the same time. Let say you have multiple ERP systems that you want to put an order into. Instead of creating multiple DTS files to handle all the different touch points, you can create one DTS that inserts the order into multiple systems. This is going to be extremely helpful in several ways; the first of which will save you time when designing the jobs because you don’t have to create multiple integrations and the second it will speed up the time that it takes for the order to be in both ERP systems. Ingenious, way to go Scribe!!

Message Processor Management, and Thread Safe Integrations

The next feature I am really excited about deals with the Message Processor Management.   I personally ran into this issue with a few clients so with this new release you bet I am going to update them ASAP. Let me first say in regards to Scribe’s Message queuing if you can use queue integrations you should definitely take advantage of them.  If you currently have a Time, Query or File integration and are experiencing slow performance you should probably start to think about switching to a queue integration process.  The one thing I didn’t like about the previous versions that was redesigned in 7.0 was that you could potentially end up with duplicates in your target system if two of the same messages hit the queue simultaneously. Scribe has worked through this issue now with making the Message processors “thread safe”.  What “thread safe” means is that if you do have that situation occur the queue integration will block the second message from getting inserted and will not update the record instead of creating a duplicate. See Scribe’s original post in this blog entry located at: Insight 7.0 Makes Multi-Threaded Integrations Safer.

What’s Next?

It’s great to see the strides that Scribe has taken with Insight 7.0. Now I’ve got to get to work getting all our clients upgraded!!!!