One nice feature of Dynamics CRM is the ability to easily bulk edit records - that is, to make one change to a field that is applied to multiple records at once.  To access this feature, just go to the grid for a selected entity, highlight the records you want to edit and then select More Actions > Edit.  You'll get a blank data entry form that you can use to update just those fields that you want to change.

Unfortunately, this isn't so easily done with Activity type records.  That's because each type of activity (Email, Phone Call, Campaign Response, etc) is really an entirely different record type - so CRM doesn't know which form to show.  This can be particularly problematic with Campaign Responses which, for many organizations, there is often a need to run a bulk update.  Fortunately, the fix is fairly easy.

Although you cannot bulk edit campaign responses from the standard grid view of activities, you CAN update them from an Advanced Find view.  Here are some quick instructions:

(1) Go to the activities area of CRM.

(2) Change type to Campaign Responses.

(3) Click the Advanced Find button.

(4) Make any changes to the criteria (if desired).

(5) Click the Find button.

(6) Highlight the records you wish to edit and then click More Actions > Edit.

(7) Voila!  You're bulk editing Campaign Responses.

As always, use bulk edit with caution - you can permanently change many records (for better or worse) using this approach.