SharePoint 2010 is great at many things, and one of the new integrations with Office 2010 is with uploading multiple pictures to a picture library using the Office Picture Manager. 

Say you you’ve got a bunch of logos you want to get into your new fancy 2010 picture library.  You would click Upload –> Upload Multiple Pictures right?

SharePoint 2010 Upload Multiple Files

This then launches the Office Picture Manager tool to aid you in your graphic file uploads. 

Office Picture Manager

But what if I don’t want to use the Office Picture Manager?  The OPM only recognizes common graphic files like .jpg, .bmp etc, and I had some Photoshop .psd and other related files to upload.  What to do?  How can I get all these files in my library quickly and easily and not take all day?  Fear not!

Instead of picking Upload Multiple Pictures as before, choose Upload Picture.  Then click Upload Multiple Files on the standard upload document dialog.  Now you can upload any file to your heart’s content.

SharePoint 2010 Upload Multiple Pictures