So we’ve all been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to hear from Microsoft about the fate of the “fab 40” templates for SharePoint 2010.  Well, they finally have made a decision.  You’re not going to like it.  Read the full details

The bottom line from the article:

Microsoft is not releasing new versions of these templates for SharePoint 2010 Products.

What you have to remember is that these were originally designed as “proof of concept” sites, and were never meant to be used for production sites. 

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “but I’ve got 500 production sites that use some of those templates, what do I do”?  There is hope!  The article outlines the “official” methods of getting WSS / MOSS fab 40 templates into SharePoint 2010.  It’s not always pretty, but it gets the job done, sort of.

There’s an “unofficial” option as well.  The good folks over at TechSolutions have kindly re-compiled the majority of the templates for SharePoint 2010 and offered them for free. 

All is not lost, just investigate your options, and test, test, test!