You know who you are out there.  We've all done it, because it’s such an easy thing to fall into.  You're just happy as a clam with your shiny new SharePoint site, and you're all ready to create some content.  First up, a document library.  We love our shared documents, right?  Well, how many times after awhile do you find yourself emailing links to files like:


Ugh!  Since URLs can't contain spaces, it has to add %20 to cover the space.  This goes for almost anything in SharePoint (lists, libraries, etc).  When you get the urge to use a space, resist!  I forget where I first heard this, but it can make things so much easier on everyone. 

When you create Shared Documents library, create it as SharedDocuments without the space so the URL won’t have any %20.  Then, go back in the library settings and add the space to the friendly name.  Voilà!  You get your space like you want, and everyone gets a nice clean URL. 

It’s a very small but very helpful habit and practice.