First of all, keep in mind that IE9 is still in beta – which means that there are likely to be some bugs with it.  If you don’t have an appetite for being a human guinea pig, then I suggest waiting until the production version of IE is released before attempting the upgrade.  With that said, my vast experience of 10 minutes with IE9 so far has produced no bugs, so I can confidently recommend it.

Dynamics CRM 2011 in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) - click to zoom

CRM 2011 in Internet Explorer 9 (click to zoom).


So why make the upgrade to Internet Explorer 9? Simply put, IE9 is the Ritz cracker of browsers, “Everything’s better when it sits on a Ritz (running IE 9),” more specifically:

  1. The cost: Free. I’m 100% certain that you’ll get your money’s worth.
  2. Real estate: Those of you with complex CRM implementations are likely finding that you spend a lot of time scrolling to see all of the information on your forms.  In fact, I posted a blog entry on the subject here. IE 9 significantly reduces the amount of real estate that the browser interface uses – leaving more room for the CRM user interface.  Below is a picture of the IE8 vs IE9 interface running CRM 4.0.
    Comparison - IE8 and IE9 running CRM 4.0. EIEIO.
    (click to zoom)
  3. Speed: Sites just load and respond faster on IE9. For those of you who remember the speed boost you got when upgrading from IE7 to IE8, IE9 takes it further. CRM is noticeably faster in IE9.


Are there any good reasons for not upgrading yet.  Well…

  • It is beta (see the earlier disclaimer).
  • It replaces IE8 when you install it.  So, if you do experience problems, you’ll have to go through a manual exercise to get back to IE8.
  • There are some changes to the User Interface that it will take some getting used to. One that I’m finding difficult: The list of favorites that used to appear in the Favorites Bar is no longer available in the bar – it takes an extra click to get to them (maybe there is a way around this that I just haven’t found yet).

To download the upgrade to IE9, click here.

NOTE FROM THE TRENCHES: Well, after a couple of days of usage, I can firmly recommend against the upgrade to IE 9 until it is in full production release.  It shows great promise, but the browser crashes with some frequency.  Most problematic is the fact that I cannot save a record in CRM in IE 9 (definately a show stopper)!