Microsoft has released the first Update Rollup for CRM 2011. The knowledgebase article is located here, and the rollup can be download here. (Note that there are separate downloads for the server, clients, BIDS extension, E-mail Router, and SRS Data Extension.)

This update rollup includes fixes for a number of items as the KB article details. In particular, there are a few fixes that I've been looking for:

  • One that fixes a script error that is thrown frequently when switch rapidly between areas of the CRM web UI
  • Another that enables intranet access to CRM when it is configured for Internet-facing deployment.
  • Another big one that I'm eager to get past is a problem that occurred configuring the Outlook client if the client machine also had the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant installed.:
  • "Assume that you create an email address for a queue that is owned by a team entity. In this situation, you cannot approve the email address." (This one had me stumped until I assigned ownership of the offending queue to a user. Glad to see this is fixed.)
  • There was a minor bug with upgraded orgs that caused sitemap icons to sometimes not display correctly. This has been fixed.

The Update Rollup will be available through Windows Updates by the end of the month, but you can download and apply it now manually.