A Happy Salesperson Using Dynamics CRMDo you see the person in the picture to the left?  She is a salesperson.  Why is she so happy?  Because she is using her CRM system right now, while she’s talking on the phone.  And it’s taking her less time than ever before.  And her manager is getting the reports that he wants at the same time!  And she gets her work done in CRM when she would otherwise have “down time”?  How is all this possible you ask?  Read on …

We frequently hear complaints from sales users that they don’t like having to take the time to track meetings and phone calls in their CRM system.  Many sales people feel that this just takes away from the time that they can spend in conversations with prospective customers.  While it is critically important that sales people are disciplined about tracking relevant activities in CRM, there are some helpful shortcuts available to save some time – or to make use of “down time” while driving or waiting for a meeting.

One very helpful tool for tracking these activities comes from an unexpected source: Google!  Google has a free service called Google Voice.  The service is meant to be a helpful tool for routing calls (you can setup your Google Voice number to ring multiple phone numbers so prospects can reach you at your mobile, home or office number – you can even easily set it up to ring a land-line while you’re on vacation if you don’t have mobile service).  Google Voice also enables you to capture, and transcribe, voice mails.  Google Voice can send your voice mail messages to your email address automatically.  This voice mail transcription service is what you can use to save some time capturing meeting and call notes.

To take advantage of this, you can call your Google Voice number between meetings.  This can be while waiting for a meeting, from your car (of course you wouldn’t dream of doing this while driving … right?) or anywhere else that you have some “down time” and a mobile phone signal.  Call your Google Voice number, record your notes, and hang up.  Be sure to annunciate clearly – Google Voice transcription isn’t perfect and can sometimes lead to entertaining, or embarrassing, mistakes.  Google Voice transcribes the message and sends you an email.  When you’re back on Outlook, simply track the email (which includes the transcribed call notes) and regard it to the appropriate record in your CRM system.  You’re done!  That takes a lot less time than opening CRM, finding the customer record, creating an activity, and manually typing all of the notes.

If you have a talented CRM partner, they can setup a workflow for you that can automatically convert your tracked email into a phone call or appointment activity for you – so your notes will not only be tracked, but they will also appear as the correct activity type in CRM.

What will you do with all of the time you save?