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If you’re like me, at some point in your life you have set out to search the internet for SharePoint for one reason or another.  After you found what you were looking for, you take a few extra minutes to look at what other posts the site has and you realize, this is pretty useful, I want to grab the RSS feed.  Or you are just building a list of your favorite SharePoint MVPs. Or maybe you’re new to SharePoint, and don’t know all the cool kids’ blogs.  Well after a while, those really start to stack up in your RSS reader.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine all those useful SharePoint RSS feeds into one single feed? 

Sure, you could go to Yahoo pipes and build it yourself by hand but you’re busy and just don’t feel like it.  Fret not!   The problem has already been solved for you.  Here is the magical link you need: 

The SharePoint Expertpage

Check out all the SharePoint blog rollup goodness!  The homepage shows the last 10 blog posts from the main feed, but you can also see the last 5 posts from all blogs in the feed.  Check out the entire blog roll, or suggest your favorites that aren’t already in the list.  Looking for a particular post but don’t remember which feed it was on?  Search for it!

Add the single feed to your favorite reader, and then sit back, relax, and actually get to spend time reading the blogs rather than trying to find them.