Receiving a Request for Proposal  (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) is generally thought of the same way as a dental appointment a dreaded but necessary activity. As a result, most sales professionals maintain the belief that it's OK to slap a response onto a couple pages in response to the RFP because they have such a great bond with the prospect. I don't agree with this mindset and I'd suggest those professionals should consider a more systematic approach.

The reality is that many businesses, small and large, now use a formal selection and procurement process for selecting vendors. If sales professionals focus solely on the near-term and selling the solution, they are missing the big picture. Instead, I suggest you deploy and utilize the C5 Insight RFP manager. In addition to tracking sales opportunities, accounts and contacts, our RFP manager has several other features described below.

Features in the C5 Insight RFP Manager:

·         RFP response calculator guiding you to/not to respond

·         RFP document and supporting documentation

·         Key dates and contacts

·         Required response information

·         Response repository and internal approval workflow to complete assigned section

·         Response finalization and distribution

·         Response document rollover to invoice, project tracking, master services agreement and key metrics agreed within the response

This tool allows your team to work smarter, not harder and encourages complete, accurate responses to RFPs and RFQs. If you would like to learn more about this module or our experience with it, please fill out our Contact form.