Microsoft’s Rollup 12 is not as forgiving as previous versions when it comes to the Currency field. After applying Rollup 12 to an on-premise instance of Dynamics CRM 2011 (this one happened to be running the Internet Facing Deployment deployment) but not enabling the Enhanced User Experience (aka Flow UI), we noticed that we could no longer qualify leads. Clicking the Qualify button didn't do anythingno pop-up window or error message. After a little digging around, we noticed that the Currency field was not exposed on the form.

The solution was to expose the Currency field on the form, then the Qualify dialog popped-up and worked as before. Although we have not tried each of the entity forms in CRM that have money fields, to be on the safe side we now recommend that you expose the Currency field (make it read-only of you like) to a little-used part of the form, such as the Preferences tab, on any entity that has a money field and one where you click a toolbar button that generates a pop-up (e.g., when closing an opportunity).

Note: when testing this behavior on CRM Online (with rollup 12 enabled but no Flow UI) the same error condition DID NOT OCCUR. That is, our Lead form does not have Currency exposed but the Qualify dialog works as expected. 

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