Successful user adoption, or the mental acceptance and use of something new, can be achieved in any organization. There are a number of methods that can be used to implement new systems, including "big bang" (single rollout) or "phased adoption" (gradual rollout). Regardless of the method you use to rollout user adoption in your organization, there are a few important items that must be factored into your plan.

Keys to successful user adoption in your organization:
•  Demonstrating top-down support. If management doesn’t support it, the team won’t either.
•  Involving users in your action planning because if teams feel they aren’t being heard, they will rebel.
•  Showing users WIFM or “What’s in it for me?” When the users don’t see the personal benefit(s) of the solution, they look to other methods.
•  Rewarding the first employees who adopt. Change isn’t easy in human nature so reward those that grasp it and promote it to the rest of the team.
•  Managing the performance of those who do not adopt. Those employees that are not living up to your standards must be identified and managed.
•  Training through education and support. As humans we are only able to do what we know, try and work with so training, education and support must be present. Without training, the team has a valid excuse to abandon the change movement.

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