As a sales professional, here are 25 reasons why I love working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (and why you should love it too):

1) It is mobile so I can access it using my phone, tablet or laptop at any time, from anywhereSales Professional

2) It is compatible with all Internet browsers as long as you have a fairly new version

3) It syncs with Outlook so I can access my contacts, calendars, activities and emails in CRM

4) It can share information / data with most other systems and platforms

5) It is customizable to display only the information, data and fields applicable to my role

6) It stores company contacts in one place and has options to sync or import my Outlook contacts

7) It allows me to schedule and track activities, and even sets up alerts so I stay on top of my clients and maximize my time

8) It keeps my sales pipelines organized and updated

9) It can define sales territories and assign owners so my sales team never gets confused

10) It tracks all of my interactions with clients and prospects

11) It manages our RFP process, improving efficiency and response time (From 120 hours to under 15 hours)

12) It tracks quotes, and different iterations of them, and easily converts quotes to orders

13) It tracks projects throughout the sales cycle and even transitions projects to my delivery team once they are sold

14) It tracks project components and work items on all our client projects so I can keep up with what the delivery team has done for each of my accounts

15) It shows each of my accounts’ support cases for addressing their questions and issues

16) It lets me seamlessly send  orders to my clients and prospects

17) It provides templates for all quote, warranty, terms and conditions, and other documentation and makes it available in a moment’s notice to be sent to a client or prospect

18) It shows my clients’ historical orders

19) It shows me my clients’ payment status

20) It lets me quickly jump to other clients or prospects if time with the mobile access and geography tracking features

21) It allows my team to standardize and streamline all aspects of our process, documentation and delivery

22) It easily creates reports so I don’t have to waste time on creating custom reports

23) It allows me to quickly see my current standing on reaching my career and sales goals

24) It allows me to tailor my dashboard to show all of my information or my team’s information, such as current opportunities, client projects, projected sales and sales goals

25) It is not just a relationship management platform; it is the interface I use for all aspects of my role (client projects, orders, commissions, expenses, time entries, approvals, reports, etc.)

To sum it up, Dynamics CRM allows me to work smarter, not harder. Gone are the days with extensive data input, calculating profit, calculating discount, recalling where to ship, multicurrency translation, input orders from my partners and sending what I need to our suppliers. Dynamics CRM automates every aspect of my job, making it easy to find and sort through information that I need.

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