With Mobile Express you can access your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 data wherever and whenever you need it! Follow the simple instructions below to get started with Mobile Express today.  

Setting up Your Mobile Express by Entity 

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the navigation of setting up Mobile Express is configured so it exists within each entity.

For example, if you want to enable Accounts for Mobile Express, go to Settings –> Customization –> Customize the System –> click on the “Account” entity, and make sure that the checkbox for Mobile Express is checked (as shown below).


To customize the Mobile Form navigate to Forms underneath the entity and find the mobile form.


Open the form and select the fields you want to appear within Mobile Express and remove unnecessary ones. Mobile devices generally have a small viewing area so selecting only the most relevant fields is important.


 Viewing CRM 2011 on Your Mobile Device

To access their CRM Mobile, simply append /m to the end of the URL used to access Microsoft CRM. For example: https://sample.crm.dynamics.com/m. (You can even try appending /m to the URL in a regular browser to get a look at the Mobile Express view without using a mobile device). Once here, you will be prompted to login to CRM as you normally do. 


Click the “Accounts” link to see a list of your accounts, “Contacts” link to see a list of your contacts, etc.


Click on one of the “Contacts” in the list to see how your account information is displayed.


Now you should be able to access your CRM data when you are on the go! If you have trouble setting up Mobile Express, visit Microsoft's site for details on their mobility requirements, and supported browsers and devices. 

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