Just this week at Dreamforce ‘13, Salesforce released two new mobile apps; one for administrators (Salesforce A) and one for users (Salesforce 1). Today I am going to review the “Salesforce A” mobile app. The apps acronym is short for Salesforce Administrator and geared towards assisting with user login issues.  The app was officially announced on 11/19/2013 during the Dreamforce keynote and it was met with an astounding applause among the attendees. Why is this app so special, you ask? Well, previously Salesforce Administrators had no way to manage or assist users that were locked out or disabled when they were away from their desk.  However that’s not the case anymore! Salesforce A allows administrators to do the following while using the app:

    • Identify Frozen Users/ Locked Out users, along with having the ability to unlock them
    • View Scheduled SF Maintenance periods
    • Current release notes of the latest version of SF (as of this blog it’s showing the Winter ‘14 Release notes)
    • View/Edit/Deactivate a user record
    • Change a users permission sets
    • View a users login history to identify failed login attempts
    • And if you’re really observant they might have even added a little hidden nugget in the app...Smile

The app is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play Store (Android version 4.2 or later) and the iTunes store (iOS version 6.0 or later).

Salesforce_A_andoid_Google_play                     IMG_5738

In order use the new mobile apps you will need to first enable the Salesforce1 mobile capabilities for your org. To do that you will need to go to:




Once Salesforce1 Mobile is enabled and you have installed the app from the app store you will be begin the login process along with setting up a passcode and accepting the legal terms of use as pictured below.



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