Welcome Salesforce 1!


Salesforce 1 was recently announced at Dreamforce ‘13 and this app will make you love being out of the office! It gives you easy access to your data with a great mobile user interface. Currently it’s available for Android devices on the Google Play Store (Android version 4.2 or later) and the iTunes store (iOS version 6.0 or later). For those of you that have Blackberry devices, I did speak with a Salesforce 1 developer and he told me that Blackberry was also going to release their own version of the app but it’s not anything developed by Salesforce.  There are a lot of new features / areas to this new app and we will only begin to scratch the surface with this blog but I wanted to give you a tour so you can have some insight before you begin to use it.

I will start with some screen captures of the screens you will see when first launching the app.


If you notice there is a gear icon in the top right hand corner of the login screen. This will allow you to switch the connection url to either a production environment or a sandbox environment.


Once logged in you will be prompted to accept the licensing terms and agreement along with allowing Salesforce access to some basic information as seen below.


Once you are logged in your screen will look like this:


The top section refers to your Chatter Groups / People and your Feed for items you are following. If you want to add a person to follow all you need to do is click the “People” section type the persons name in the search section and select that specific person and then click the follow button.


The same process would apply to the Groups section.

One big thing that I’ve found to be super useful is a great integration between Salesforce 1 and your actual mobile device. Lets say you’re on the road (safely pulled over on the side of the road that is Smile ) and you have a task from Salesforce to make a phone call to a customer to in regards to an urgent quote you sent him earlier that week. You would click “TASKS” under the “APPS” section. Here you will see the tasks you need to complete. Once you’ve selected the task you need to work, you can then click through to the actual contact record. (In my example it’s Tim Barr.) From here you can click the phone icon and it will automatically call Tim! Now lets say you’ve spoken with Tim and he’s ready to buy so you want to log that call and mark your task complete. As soon as you hang up the call with Tim, Salesforce 1 will automatically take you to the log a call menu auto-populated with Tim’s information. Now you fill in your comments, save the call, then click the arrow in the top left to go back to the original task and mark it completed! You’ve managed to complete a sale all from the side of the road thanks to Salesforce 1.

Here is the screen walkthrough for the above referenced scenario.


This is just two of the many new features in Salesforce 1 and how you can make this app work for your everyday needs! In my next blog I will discuss the new “TODAY” section under the “APPS” areas! Stay tuned and download Salesforce 1 today!

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