thumbnailMicrosoft Dynamics CRM has specific icons for each default entities which, out of the box, are good fit. It is relatively easy  to identify each entity with these standard icons . But CRM doesn’t have an icon library that can be shared with customized entities, instead rendering them as blank green tiles. In this blog, I will show you how to add icons for these custom entities.

Many websites offer a variety of free icons of different types and sizes. The following are two good websites based on my experience:

You need to know what is the required type and size of icons for CRM 2013. The detailed requirements are as follows:

  • Two icons should be provided for custom entities

               16x16 pixels

               32x32 pixels

Different size of icons are displayed in different locations. We will talk about this later.

•Both icons should be no larger than 10KB

•PNG format files with transparent backgrounds are recommended. PNG format files support transparency and good compression with a better color fidelity than GIF. Note: GIF, JPG, and ICO formats are supported for backwards compatibility.

Now download your desired icons from a website or create your own image as long as it applies with the requirements. For example, I want to use these two PNG images (one is 32*32 pixels and another is 16*16 pixels) as icons for my customized entity.


All preparation is ready and now let’s start to add them into CRM. Go to Settings/ Customize the System and click on Web Resources on the left panel. Click "New" to add a new web resource.

Save it and create another new web resource for the 32*32 pixels image.

Then stay in the Customize the System area and click Entities. Pick the customized entity that you want to add icons on. As you can see, on the left control panel, each entity has an icon associated with it and the icon present here is 16*16 pixel. The 32*32 pixel image is shown on the navigation tiles.


After clicking on the customized entity that you want to add icons to, select "Update Icons" on the top of the Information page.

Then select the new icons. After save and publish, now you can see your new icons for customized entities.

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