Everywhere you look on the internet these days, you see Best of 2014 lists. Best Celeb Trends, Best Books, Best Viral Videos, Best Cats, Best Most Epic Fails.  And rightfully so – as we prepare to embark on 2015, it’s natural to gaze back across our most recent journey around the sun.

At C5 Insight, we started the year with Great Expectations, delivering all as promised and racking up another spot on Charlotte Business Journal’s Best Places To Work 2014 and inclusion on the 2014 Inc. 5000 List. And we were fortunate enough to travel the country to speak as subject matter experts in the best practices for customer relationship management and collaboration solutions. A few of our favorites included SharePoint Fests in NYC, Denver, and Chicago, Microsoft Dynamics CRMUG Summit, and the Internet Summit along with countless other local engagements where we discussed the Deadly Sins of CRM and SharePoint with business executives and end users alike. 

In the spirit of helping you navigate through the more than 80 blogs we published in 2014, we’ve compiled a quick round-up of some of our most helpful and popular entries. Interested in how-to blogs for a variety of topics around Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com, and SharePoint? Click here. We’re proud of the technical knowledge our super-smart solution architects are able to share with you!

Now presenting the most popular business process and management blog entries of 2014.

1. CRM Adoption Options
Few businesses would argue the value of a good CRM solution anymore. But adoption remains a significant challenge. Our own research shows that 40 percent or more of organizations continue to struggle with getting their teams to adopt CRM. So here are 20 ideas to consider to help drive the adoption of CRM within your organization.

2. Lead Scoring: A 4-Part Series
Used properly, scoring is a way not only to optimize your organization’s budget, but also to serve your customers, prospects and employees by trying to respond to them in the most relevant manner possible.  Think of scoring as a way to simulate an individual prioritization process across thousands – or even hundreds of millions – of people, all at once.
Part 1 – Convert Hot Leads to Customers
Part 2 – The Scoring Options
Part 3 – Collaborate with Sales for More Impact
Part 4 – Other Ways to Use Scoring

3. Back to SharePoint Basics: A 2-Part Series    
It’s easy to assume otherwise, but we continually find people at any given company across a variety of industries who don’t even know what SharePoint is.  They have heard the term perhaps, but don’t know what it is, much all it can do (beyond the dumping ground for your documents). This series is an excellent primer that addresses the questions many have, but most are hesitant to ask.
Part 1 – What Is SharePoint?
Part 2 – Creating Content

4. All I Really Needed To Know About CRM I Learned In Kindergarten
Today's busy professional spends a good deal of time tripping over technology. Somewhere along the way, we've convinced ourselves that the very tools invented to make our lives easier seem to do exactly the opposite. You don’t have to be highly technical to reap major rewards from using a CRM. In fact, we’d venture a guess that all you really need to know about CRM, you learned in Kindergarten. 

5. Five Best Practices To Align Sales and Marketing
Today’s Marketing Executive should serve as a bridge builder, thriving in the intersection of technology and adoption. In this blog, we look at five best practices to help Sales and Marketing close the interdepartmental divide.

6. The Habits of Successful Technology Projects: A 7-Part Series
The content for this series has been developed over many years and hundreds of client projects.  In fact, in addition to applying the habits to all of our client projects, we often speak on these habits as part of a larger session we call “CPR”, where we discuss project rescue and how projects can avoid having to be rescued. 
Habit 1 – Chart Your Journey
Habit 2 – Stay The Course
Habit 3 – Invest In The Unseen
Habit 4 – Avoid The Silver Bullet Syndrome
Habit 5 – Live In The Past
Habit 6 – Build It And They May Not Come
Habit 7 – Build Once, Test Twice

7. Making Change Requests A Positive Experience   
Change requests always seem to start out top of mind as a positive concept when a project kicks off. However, mid-way through they always seem to be the proverbial elephant “afterthought” in the room. If this is a common issue for your project team, take a look at these five tips to help prevent this pitfall moving forward.

8. 4 Reasons Why Your CRM Is Failing
Failure, at its core, can take on many forms. When it comes to CRM, failure can mean a low adoption rate, un-integrated platforms that lack of one view to customer/partner/prospect data, or a costly investment with no return. Many assume that as technology has evolved, failures have decreased. The C5 Insight team set out to find out the truth about CRM failure. Is it on the decline, or are we kidding ourselves in thinking it possibly could be?

9. Let Your SharePoint Users Be Heard With The C5 Insight Feedback Solution!
How do users communicate their SharePoint frustrations, feedback, and questions?  If the answer is “they send an email” or “they open a helpdesk ticket” then this is for you!  We have created a solution for SharePoint 2010 on-premise and SharePoint 2013 on-premise and Office 365 that provides a powerful yet simple mechanism for users to provide feedback.  Best of all, it's free!

10. Micro Mentoring – Can You Really Afford NOT To Take The Time?
Mentoring is one of those things that seems to make tons of sense to people but rarely if ever gets done. The days of new employees being given a formal mentor and six weeks to six months of “ramp up time” appear to be long gone for most companies, regardless of their size or industry.

11. Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? The SharePoint Edition!
Are you a newbie when it comes to SharePoint? Are you lost in the lingo, or trying to make heads or tails of how to incorporate the tool into your day-to-day operations? If so, this blog is for you!

12. From CRM 2011 to CRM 2015: A 6-part series
This blog series is so new that it’s still in process! Follow along as we discuss the changes from CRM 2011 to CRM 2015. There are some game-changing upgrades to the user experience that will radically improve your teams performance, and your ability to ensure that everyone is using a consistent (but flexible) process.  
Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – The User Experience
Part 3 – 9 New Form Features

Were there any other blogs you found particularly helpful this year? We’d love to hear from you! For more information about C5 Insight or any of these blog entries, please Contact Us.