You know how the story goes... We were prepping for a CRM 2013 on premise client going live and it was Outlook client configuration time. I was doing some last minute Outlook client testing and hit the sync button to test my Outlook filters when I got this message.

Outlook Sync Encryption Error

Encrypted fields in the organization database, but data encryption feature isn't activated

I had been avoiding data encryption. I don’t know why, I just had. Well looks like I had no choice. So I went into the production organization Microsoft CRM -> Settings -> Data Management -> Data Encryption and see this.

Data Encryption status inactive

Okay. Let's activate it. I hit the Activate button.

Encryption key is required

Dang! How can I need both the encryption key and need to Activate the encryption where by I assumed the encryption key would be created? And why am I thinking about Schrodinger's cat?! And by the way, that goes against everything I have been reading about data encryptions and SSL and https and enabled by default. If you want to check out the details you can read  encryption information on Microsoft’s technet.

Off to our favorite research engine, we ride! I found where several people had similar challenges but not exactly what I was experiencing. Then in the comments of a post was a vaguely similar though not altogether clear possible solution.

I went back to the Data Encryption page in Settings, clicked the area where the key would be, and got no indication that I could copy anything hidden or type anything. So then I clicked in the text field to the left of the Activate button.

Click here for the cursor

A cursor?! Could it be that easy?! I typed up what I hoped was a complicated password, copied it to a safe location, clicked the Activate button… SUCCESS!

Type the key here and click Activate  Encryption key was activated successfully

Once the page refreshed, the Encryption showed a status of Active and the key was dot, dot, dotted in the Current encryption key field.

Encryption status is Active

Went back into Outlook, hit the sync button again, and records started syncing like crazy! Yes! Well yes that I got it working and DANG I obviously did not have one of the filters set the way I wanted… but that is, as they say, another story.

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