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Simplifying BI: Sharing Our Experiences & 3 Steps to Build Something Meaningful TODAY

The primary reason for this blog post is to share what our experience (aka the real world) has taught us on how to practically implement Business Intelligence (BI) for our clients. I’ll do my best to keep this short-and-sweet, because in all honesty there’s plenty to say on this topic, and enough BI buzzwords and statistics to confuse the entire island of Manhattan!

Time Dimension for Business Intelligence

dim_timeBusiness Intelligence reporting includes the usage of "dimensions." To put it simply, a dimension is a way that you want to "slice" your metrics. For example, you may have a metric of revenue that you want to track. You may want to track this for dimensions such as product (i.e. provide a report of revenue by product), by territory, or by time. The time dimension is one of the most often requested dimensions for business intelligence reporting - but it can also be one of the most complex to implement. This post takes a look at how to create an effective time dimension for your BI project.



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