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Finding Decommissioned Fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Seen My DataIn the fast paced and ever changing environments of business, often times changes need to be made to your business systems that reflect the changes in business processes required to support evolving markets.  Specifically, when designing and configuring the deployment of Dynamics CRM, there will inevitably be times when certain entity elements become obsolete and need to be decommissioned.

Are you taking advantage of multi-dimensional analytics with OLAP cubes?

Cube Image 2Many companies spend a lot of money, time and effort to build a data warehouse and OLAP cubes, however they start using them to build the same old 2D reports that they were used to from the past. The standard 2D canned reports (Rows and Columns) can be built from any conventional relational database by writing some standard SQL queries. So why use an OLAP (On Line Analytic Processing) cube for such reports?

Using SQL Server Full-Text Search Services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

imagesCANRN13KYou’ve probably seen the option to install Full-Text Search during a SQL Server installation without really understanding what it is and how it can be used. As with other database systems SQL Server has a full spectrum of features that typically reaches far beyond what is needed in any one software development project. I look at Full-Text Search Services as one of those step child type features I never felt was worth spending time on since it seemed so trivial at first glance. I couldn’t ever really recall a time when I had a problem searching text per say. If you are like me you probably thought about why would you need that feature for a second and then went on your merry way. Honestly I didn’t really know what the full-text search feature was in the scheme of things and never really had a situation where I felt like it was something I really needed.

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