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ODATA v2 Endpoint Deprecation Is Soon Approaching

Microsoft has tools that can assist you in finding and mitigating issues that are critical to the health of your CRM environment. Some of these issues require action now.


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Microsoft Teams Tip: Why You Should Post, Not Chat

If you're using Microsoft Teams, it might be time to break this bad habit: Sending a Chat when you should be Posting to a Teams Channel.

Teams Tip: Post Don't Chat

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Process: The Science of Selling


Sales is the lifeblood of any company - but sales teams that aren't using a process are operating inefficiently and are not able to improve rapidly. In this article we take a look at why a sales process is so important, and the statistics findings that prove it.

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Unlocking the Mystery of Office 365 Government

Learn the distinct differences between the three Office 365 government cloud offerings (GCC, GCC High, and DoD) and the functionality available in each.

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Digital Etiquette: The 1-Second Productivity Boost You Need to Know

One click can create - or destroy - productivity. Learn the 1 second Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage and Outlook trick to boost productivity.

Microsoft Teams etiquette

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Sales Reps: Employer Isn't Offering CRM? Time to Job Hunt

Consider how not using a CRM solution limits the success of sales reps and their employers.

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Revolutionize Business Processes: 7 Reasons to Plan ERP and CRM in Parallel

Learn why planning ERP and CRM projects in parallel is critical to your business and cost-effective. Parallel planning improves data integration, aligns business processes, increases flexibility, and reduces implementation time and costs, resulting in better user adoption.

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Why Integrated Marketing Automation Platforms Are Better Than Best of Breed

This article presents a video case study of a business-to-business organization with thousands of partners and millions of customers that vastly improved sales and marketing results and the customer experience through Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing.

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Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration: Rebuild or Lift-and-Shift?


Ready to up your CRM game? Here are the six benefits of rebuilding Dynamics 365 instead of migrating and C5's strategy guide for a successful move.

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Making Magic in SharePoint with PowerShell for Beginners

Managing common SharePoint admin tasks can be tedious. Introducing—SharePoint Online Management Shell! In this article, we'll walk you through some simple PowerShell scripts that can “magically” perform actions and save you time.

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Sales Process Automation Toolkit - CRM Technology Review

There are dozens of technologies to aid sales managers, reps and marketers with generating better leads, improving win rates, accelerating deals and expanding margins. If you're not using them, then you're like a carpenter that isn't using power tools. In this article we'll take a quick look at a few of the more important solutions to further automate your selling process.


Want to dive deeper? Click here to join C5 Insight for a Sales Pipeline webinar on September 14, 2022 to explore these solutions and get your questions answered.

Sales Pipeline Toolkit Infographic


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Table Images for Model-Driven PowerApps

Want to enrich your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Model-Driven Power Apps with custom table images? Read on to discover a free source of icons you can access in just a few minutes to deliver more professional app design to your users!

Icons and images for PowerApp Tables

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How to Enable Power BI Data Visualizations


Power BI data visualizations provide a quick and easy way to get powerful insights from your Dynamics 365 data directly within D365 itself.

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Beware the Bots! Over Inflated Marketing Clicks

This notice is related to the quality of the metrics you are getting through your Marketing Automation Platform (such as ClickDimensions, Dynamics 365 for Marketing or other similar products).

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Feature Review: Duplicate Detection in D365

Data integrity is a critical component of a successful CRM. Duplicate data can easily be avoided by using the Duplicate Detection function in D365.


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Update Your Microsoft Teams Picture for Free With Emojis and Icons

Pictures not only make your Team look better, but according to this study, they actually helps your users to more rapidly find your Team. Learn how to quickly access a huge library of beautiful pictures for your Microsoft Team.

Free icon pictures Microsoft Teams


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Feature Review: How to Bulk Delete Records in Dynamics 365

Learn how to create a bulk delete job in Dynamics 365 to remove old records that are cluttering up your system.

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CRM in the C-Suite: The Role of Leadership in Customer Engagement Success

According to this article in Harvard Business Review, between 18% to 90% of CRM projects fail! The most telling metric: nearly 90% of executives report that the CRM system is not helping their business to grow. What can c-level executives do to make their project a success?