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4-Part Webinar Series on Microsoft Copilot for Sales

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Sell More in Less Time with Microsoft Copilot for Sales

This August, in partnership with Microsoft, C5 Insight invites sales professionals and leaders to attend a multi-session webinar series on Copilot for Sales. The final session dives into more advanced content like developing your own custom copilot using Copilot Studio.

Each session is designed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to leverage Copilot in your daily workflow. The sessions are independent of one another, meaning you won’t feel lost if you can only attend one but not the others.


    • Format: 45-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A
    • Speakers: C5 Insight experts and Microsoft Technical Specialists
    • Schedule: Sessions will be hosted twice in the same week to accommodate different schedules

Session 1: Getting Started with Copilot for Sales in Outlook

In this first session, we introduce Copilot for Sales and demo how to integrate it in Outlook, so you can spend less time in your inbox.


  • Summarize emails
  • Draft informed email replies
  • Access Dynamics 365 CRM from Outlook
  • Catch up on past communications
  • Surface meeting notes, emails, etc.
  • Draft a pre-meeting agenda

Session 2: Collaborating with Copilot for Sales in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to leverage Copilot for Sales in Microsoft Teams to improve efficiency in your flow of work, getting more done in less time.


  • Prepare for meetings in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Track meetings in CRM
  • In-meeting support
  • Post-meeting notes and recap

Session 3: Preparation, R&D and Content Creation with Copilot for Sales

Explore how to use Copilot for Sales to prepare for meetings, follow up with potential clients, and create sales collateral informed by CRM with simple prompts.


  • Spend less time on R&D when preparing for sales meetings
  • Create sales collateral (e.g., pitch decks, proposals) with a simple prompt
  • Accelerate your daily, weekly, and monthly routines

Session 4: [Advanced] Administration and Building Custom Copilots in Copilot Studio

In this more technical session, we share how to administer Copilot and build your own custom copilots using Copilot Studio. Additionally, we’ll showcase Copilot Analytics and provide an overview of Copilot for Sales in Salesforce.


  • Enable, configure, and administer Copilot for Sales
  • Overview of Copilot for Sales in Salesforce
  • Creating a custom copilot in Copilot Studio
  • Showcase Copilot Analytics

Registration Instructions

Choose either the Wednesday or Thursday timeslot each week to avoid repeated content, registering for a max of 4 sessions. You’ll receive an email confirming the sessions you registered for, including an iCalendar (ICS) file you can add to your preferred calendar (instructions provided).

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